Eva Benetatou Shows Her True Colors

Eva Benetatou shows her true colors!

The whole Wendler scandal has almost overshadowed one thing: Eva Benetatou and her dramatic role in “The Summer House Of The Stars”. Fortunately, she puts herself back on the viewer’s screen in the current episode and shows her true colors.

She’s finally getting the attention she’s sometimes desperately looking for. If you don’t feel like doing more pseudo-drama! But Eva, in the current episode of “The Summer House Of The Stars”, finally presents her beautiful sides.

Eva is not necessarily the typical representative of the female gender, there are real stars worth mentioning here. Eva is much more a man’s partner. She became known as Andrej Mangold’s bed partner twice – but we have really heard that topic often enough!

Eva now presents herself as a partner of Chris Stenz. Because without him she would not have made it to “The Summer House Of The Stars”- only couples take part there. Although that is not entirely correct, because here too the name Andrej Mangold has to be mentioned again.

But in the current episode “The Summer House Of The Stars”, Eva redefines her name herself or highlights traits that were actually already known, but have probably been forgotten.

There you have it, Eva Benetatou shows her true colors!

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