Elena Berezhnaya Almost Became Disabled

How Elena Berezhnaya almost became disabled…

Why she broke up with Anton Sikharulidze and divorced her husband

At 18, athlete Elena Berezhnaya received a head injury, after which she could not even speak. She was brought back to life by Anton Sikharulidze, who became not only her new partner in figure skating, but also her lover. In the end, however, the champions remained friends.

Oleg Shlyakhov reacted violently to any mistakes and inaccuracies in the work of the young athlete, he would hit her right in front of the coach. But it was not her own mistake that put Berezhnaya out of action.

During one of the training sessions with a skate, Oleg inflicted a serious head injury on Elena Berezhnaya. Due to brain damage, Elena could neither walk nor speak. Fortunately, the support of her mother and friend Anton Sikharulidze helped the athlete not only recover, but also return to competitions and become a champion.

Looking at the Berezhnaya-Sikharulidze couple, the fans had no doubt that they would get married. Why did the she marry another?

On October 11, Elena Berezhnaya turns 43. Now she is successfully engaged in coaching and is raising two children. Anton is still a close person to the skater, but she does not communicate with her ex-husband Stephen. For what reasons is this famous athlete and attractive woman lonely?

Elena Berezhnaya glorified her hometown of Nevinnomyssk with her sporting successes. It was here that the three-year-old girl began to practice figure skating and immediately impressed the first coaches with her amazing plasticity. When she was 13, mentor Nina Ivanovna sent the teenager to the Moscow CSKA school, to appear in front of the capital’s experts.

The girl was completely alone in Moscow, but did not lose heart. She quickly made friends with other athletes, together the children trained, walked and did their homework at the boarding school at CSKA. The period of carelessness ended when Elena Berezhnaya got a figure skating partner, Oleg Shlyakhov, who was four years older.

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