Ekaterina Ageeva On Blues

Ekaterina Ageeva on Blues!

The star who starred in Alexei Kamynin’s film Blues and the Fairy Anna Melikyan, talked about the Blues, naive fools and commuting.

Ekaterina Ageeva said:

In general, Blues is a wonderful Russian state of mind, which Pushkin wrote about in his “Eugene Onegin”. In short, the Russian blues took possession of him a little. I think everyone remembers these lines.

There is neither this word, nor as such a concept in any other language of the world. Blues is not sadness, not boredom, it’s just blues – such a slow perception of what is happening. Blues unites all the stories in this film.

Moreover, all the scenes, the whole atmosphere that prevailed on the set and even the acting are saturated with it. First of all, this is the merit of our director, who was able to convey this mood to us and tune the team to exactly this style of play – calm, a little detached, a little cold, but at the same time, gentle and ironic. I think that is why Blues is a movie to really about.

I, unlike my heroine, love the second regiment! Therefore, I would not be very upset if I rode it even near the toilet. It’s not as sad for me as it is for her. Give Fima just a reason to be upset.

By the way, this is her humor, her comicity. Even the most insignificant problem turns into an ancient Greek tragedy. It seems to me that this is wildly funny to watch. Once I myself was the same, but now I treat such problems much easier.

For example, not so long ago we traveled to Suzdal by train with a film crew. Nobody died or suffered because of this. On the contrary, everyone was very happy and merry. That then is Ekaterina Ageeva on Blues!

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