Duke Of Cambridge Prince William Arthur Coronavirus Infection Kept Secret!

Duke of Cambridge Prince William Arthur Coronavirus infection kept secret!

The prince only took seven days off from video calls and messages, specifically, between April 9 and 16. Even so, his schedule for virtual appointments was quite full, with 14 appointments throughout the month of April.

Duke of Cambridge Prince William Arthur suffered from Coronavirus in secret. He was infected last April and spent it at Anmer House in Norfolk, where he was confined with his family since the end of March, Kate Middleton and the children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

In those days the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was fighting against the infection in the hospital, where he was admitted on April 5 and left on April 12, after days in which his health went through very delicate moments, even having to be transferred to the unit of intensive care.

As revealed by various reports, in the absence of confirmation from Kensington Palace, that for the moment has not denied the information in this regard, Duke of Cambridge Prince William Arthur preferred not to tell what was happening, so as not to worry anyone, neither his family, nor the State.

At the Cambridge home in Norfolk, the prince spent his quarantine in asylum from his family, who in principle, would not have been infected with Coronavirus.

According to what has been released, Prince William would have suffered respiratory problems at a time when his country was experiencing, in the first wave, days very complicated by the pandemic. For this reason, Duke of Cambridge Prince William Arthur preferred to stay at home – and the doctors considered it that way – and not contribute to the disclosure of his illness, to a greater alarm.

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