Dragon Queen Throws Herself From Plane

Dragon Queen throws herself from plane!

Emilia Clarke throws herself from a plane for her 34th birthday: she does not fly “only with dragons”!

To celebrate her 34th birthday, the Dragon Queen Emilia Clarke decided to fight her fears by taking a parachute jump. A wonderful experience for the young woman, who shared some photos of this incredible day!

When it comes to celebrating her birthday, Emilia Clarke doesn’t do things halfway. On October 23, 2020, the Dragon Queen passed the age of 34. A somewhat stressful passage for the young woman who decided to immortalize this day with an unforgettable experience: a parachute jump.

In her post, the actress shared several moments of her jump.  Back on dry land, Emilia seems very proud of herself and oscillates between cries and giggles. In the last photo, the actress poses proudly with the certificate of her parachute jump on which is written:

“Well done! You just jumped from a plane!”

An unexpected and very impressive experience for Emilia Clarke’s followers, who did not fail to congratulate the Dragon Queen.

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