Donald Trump Wears Coronavirus Mask – Why?

Donald Trump wears Coronavirus mask – WHY?

For the first time, the President of America, Donald Trump, wore a Novel Coronavirus mask in public, when he visited the Walter Reed Medical Center.

Just how are people responding to the President of America finally wearing a Coronavirus disease mask?

Here are some views on Reddit on Donald Trump wearing a Coronavirus mask:

  • His followers are spewing hot garbage on twitter saying masks only required in hospital. “all reflexive reaction to scary media that makes liberals wear them outside hospitals.”
  • Someone probably just told him if he wore it people would stop talking about Roger Stone.
  • Too many close to him have tested positive….more than we know probably.
  • I believe someone close to him was diagnosed with the virus. Maybe this is what it will take for him to take this seriously? One can hope.
  • He got some info that scared even him.
  • Shit must be getting really bad now.
  • Also a chance that he tested positive and everyone around him said they won’t be near him without one.
  • It’s definitely a textbook Trump move. Saying “textbook” and “Trump” in the same sentence feels incredibly weird, despite the fact he is the American president so he will no doubt be in lots of textbooks, if he isn’t already. And not just psychology textbooks lol

So at last, the most powerful man in the world, has decided to wear a COVID-19 mask.

But why all of a sudden?

Is it because, better late than never? Is it because he wants to look good for the upcoming US Presidential elections? Or is it because the United States of America may soon see over 100,000 Coronavirus cases per day?

Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, stated:

“We have to understand if we have 100,000 cases a day, we will have a crisis in intensive care units around the country.”

In America, there are around 138,000 people dead and almost 3.5 million cases, attributed to Coronavirus.

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