Does HCQ Work In Treating COVID-19?

Does HCQ Work in treating COVID-19?

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Stella Immanuel MD:

States have retracted their ban on HCQ. No more reason to get sick or not get treated early. We can open schools, get back to work and business with prevention & early treatment. Don’t wait till u get sick. It’s up to you now.


OMG… I was just praying before going to sleep for my 88 year old mother that just today started with some Covid symptoms. I was praying to God on finding a place when I woke up to get the HDC for my mom. Before I put my phone down this info popped up. Wow God is so so good..


What about in CO? My kid had one positive case in her HS and 65+ students and staff are quarantined. I’m expecting them to shut the whole thing down. I asked my dr a few weeks ago if she would prescribe HCQ if I needed it and she said it kills people. I know that’s not true.


FDA removed the Emergency Use authorization for hospitalized patients. Stella Immanuel   is claiming HCQ should be used on early cases or for prevention. But no medical board has supported this claim, NONE!!! Disinformation from the bad doctor. Do No Harm, it’s in your oath. Shame!!


Corrupt CDC, FDA, HHS, has MURDERED tens of thousands by making it illegal for doctors to prescribe well established drugs like Hydroxychloroquine that CURE COVID-19 to fund billions for CDC’s BIG PHARMA health destroying vaccines. PURE CORRUPTION.!!!


My friend’s daughter is a nurse in NYC and came down with COVID in March and they did give her HCQ. I was stunned. It worked beautifully of course. I guess that was before Cuomo outlawed it.


Hurry! Dr Zelenko’s protocol is start meds within first 5 days of symptoms, but he’s updated it to within first 48 hours for best results.

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