Do We Finally Have A Cure For Coronavirus?

Do we finally have a cure for Coronavirus?

This is what the doctor who has supposedly found a cure for the killer Novel Coronavirus is saying:

“I’m not going to let Americans die, there is a cure for COVID-19, it’s called Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Zithromax”.

BUT, not everyone believes that the doctor really has found a cure for Coronavirus.

Anne says:

“I wish this were true, but theres been too many actual studies showing it really doesnt help. If only it were so.”

Rob says:

“If she is a quack, let her be exposed as one through the vetting of Free Speech not censorship.”

Karen replies:

“It is. You just want to believe that the media & our politicians wouldn’t lie to us. We want to believe that they wouldn’t destroy our economy and lives to politicize a virus that is no more dangerous than the flu. They were bold enough to pull of Obamagate, why not this.”

Tora says about the doctor who says she has found the cure for COVID-19:

“She is part of the strongest Americans amongst us. Follow her lead and others like her. Though she may never hear it, I thank her.”

The name of the doctor who has supposedly found a cure for the killer Coronavirus is Stella Immanuel MD:

Stella Immanuel MD said:

“WE NEED YOUR HELP. We are being attacked, ridiculed and discredited. We need our patients to SPEAK UP. If you have been cured by this drug, share your story online using this…”

Dr. Stella Emmanuel a US-based Nigerian Doctor, claims that she has treated more than 350 New Coronavirus patients – with no casualty. Dr. Stella Emmanuel has also claimed that hydroxychloroquine can help prevent Coronavirus.

Karen says about the doctor:

“GOD BLESS this bold woman!!! She has struck a nerve, big time!!!! I pray God protects her and gets her voice out there even more!”

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