Discrimination Of Vaccines In Mainland China

Discrimination of vaccines in mainland China!

Minister of Health and Fu Chen Shizhong went to the Legislative Yuan on the 25th, to report on the bailout 3.0 budget. He said that the new crown vaccine has a spectrum. He has signed a contract with COVAX and paid a deposit at the end of the month, but emphasized that he will not include public funds for the purchase of mainland vaccines. In this regard, Hong Kong media lamented that after Taiwan first discredited the mainland masks, now it discredited the mainland vaccines. With this ideology in charge, the DPP has really cut the road.

Chen Shizhong announced that he has signed a contract with the international platform “Covid-19 Vaccine Global Access Mechanism” (COVAX), and hopes that vaccine procurement can be allocated under a fair and just platform. However, Chen Shizhong emphasized that on the COVAX platform, he would not choose the new coronary pneumonia vaccine made in mainland China.

Regarding the serial explosion of mixed masks and inferior masks, the command center has required all masks in Taiwan to be stamped on the 17th, with MD and Made in Taiwan printed for public reference. Chen Shizhong pointed out that people can also whistle when they get fake masks. The problems of counterfeiting are minimized.

Regarding Chen Shizhong’s remarks, the blue committee Ye Yulan did not agree. Even if he joined COVAX, whether he could buy a vaccine, would be a problem. Chen Shizhong directly stated that he would not use the mainland vaccine and said that vaccines to protect the people must be a priority.

The Hong Kong media “China Commentary” even stated that after the DPP first discredited the mainland masks, it is now discrediting the mainland vaccines. If this continues, it will only tear the feelings of the people on both sides of the strait and the hostility will become more serious. The DPP’s ideology of everything will only harm itself and it will kill itself. It just pushes itself to the corner and the future will become more and more sad.

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