Did Melania Trump Refuse To Hold Donald Trump’s Hand?

Did Melania Trump refuse to hold Donald Trump’s hand?

When getting down from Air Force One, did Melania Trump refuse to hold Donald trump’s hand?

Here’s what people are saying about Melania Trump of White House not holding the hand of the US President…


“I agree. As much as I’ve watched her actually pulling her hand away from him, if you watch carefully she has a handbag PLUS the wind is about to catch her skirt.”

Penn says about US president wife Melania Trump:

As funny as the popular opinion is, I agree. She was trying to keep her skirt from flying up. It just happens at the same time he was trying to take her hand. Perception.

Brooke says about Melania Trump White House First Lady:

“So here’s my theory: Melania is there as a minder – so the Russians can keep a close eye on their “investment”. She’s been around since trump was hanging out with Epstein. Trump has a lot of business connections there & owes a lot of money to Russian oligarchs that go way back. It seems to me to be an arrangement of convenience. There’s clearly no passion between them. We have seen this type of physical reaction by her to his touch a number of times. We recognize it intuitively, have seen those sorts of reactions around us in relationships we know.”


“I hate trump. He’s a truly horrible person. That being said, when the left pulls things like this, it makes y’all no better. She was trying to hold the rail while walking down and had her purse in the other hand. They held hands while walking to the other plane. Just stop.”


“Oh please…she is just trying to negotiate a steep flight of stairs, very high heels, wind and long hair!”

So, did Melania Trump refuse to hold Donald Trump’s hand?

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