Did Andy Mccabe Take $700,000 Illegally?

Did Andy McCabe take $700,000 illegally?

Early on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump Tweeted that acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe “got $700,000” from Hillary Clinton. This is what US President Donald Trump Tweeted:

“Was Andy McCabe ever forced to pay back the $700,000 illegally given to him and his wife, for his wife’s political campaign, by Crooked Hillary Clinton while Hillary was under FBI investigation, and McCabe was the head of the FBI??? Just askin’?”

Here is how people are reacting to this:

Lesley: What are we at right now, $150 million dollars in taxpayer money on your for profit golf outings and how  much are we paying for Deputy Dawg Barr to try to toss out the credible rape case against you? How many lives did you cost us, 200,000? Just askin’?

Kehng:  MainStream Reports on that are void, seems to be too many lazy cowards, having a long term job, show up, but do want to work, just b s their way to retirement.

John: Of course not, people in government are never held accountable for any of their illegal acts.

Jane: I heard he was already executed.  Is this true?

Laston: Of course not. LAWS are only for us peasants!

Steven: Did you ever reveal your tax returns? Just askin’.

Patrick:  How’s the virus plan coming?  Just askin’.

Donna: Can you tell me what Biden’s plan is?  I can’t find it anywhere and I am truly curious…

Luve: Trump’s supporters don’t need to know. It’s not as if Biden is going to change your Trumptanic mind. When Trump is deep in your mind, you can’t see or think of anything else but propaganda.

Leade: Donald Trump’s catastrophic failure as President of the United States, combined with his dishonesty, criminality, & lack of dignity, plus the complicit cowardice of the corrupt GOP, will be seen by historians as the most destructive & disgraceful period in the history of America.

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