Coronavirus Spike In Victoria, Australia.

Coronavirus spike in Victoria, Australia.

41 new Novel Coronavirus cases were recorded in Victoria, Australia, which brought the total number of cases to 1947. The last couple of weeks has seen a big increase in the number of Coronavirus cases here and experts are extremely concerned that there could be a second wave of New Coronavirus cases, that is about  to hit the state.

Dr Annaleise van Diemen, Deputy Chief Health Officer, said:

“We currently have 260 cases that indicate they are community transmission. We have 204 active cases in Victoria, five of those are in hospital and one of those five is in intensive care.”

Yesterday, 30 new New Coronavirus cases were recorded in Victoria.

Meanwhile, not all Melbournians are agreeing to be tested for Coronavirus and they are refusing a throat and nose swab being given to them in their own homes, saying that the Government of Australia is overusing their rights.

Professor Adrian Esterman, University of South Australia, Epidemiologist and Biostatistician is shocked at the response and says:

“This is a public health emergency. Just a few people doing the wrong thing could totally shut down Australia again.”

Annaliese van Diemen, adds:

“We’re not enforcing testing. I believe that not everybody who has been offered testing has taken it up. It is disappointing. We would like everybody to get tested in those areas. We would like to really emphasize the message that it is important to get tested and important for us to find every case in those areas. We understand why people might have reservations but we are trying to make it is absolutely easy for everybody possible to get tested.”

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