Coronavirus Spike In Canada!

Coronavirus spike in Canada!

Canada is now seeing a spike in the number of Novel Coronavirus cases. All across Canada, 267 new cases of the Coronavirus disease have been reported, in the past 24 hours. Health officials of Canada have stated that by July 17, 2020, the death toll due to the Coronavirus pandemic in Canada, could be as high as 8,900.

Howard Njoo, Deputy Chief Public Health Officer, stated:

“If we relax too much or too soon, the epidemic will most likely rebound, with explosive growth as a distinct possibility.”

In Quebec, the place which has been hit the hardest by the Coronavirus pandemic, 82 new cases have been reported in the past 24 hours, bringing the toll to 56,079. 5,603 people have died in Quebec, because of Coronavirus.

In Ontario, in the past 24 hours, 9 people died and 118 New Coronavirus cases have been reported. The number of people now dead in Ontario, because of Coronavirus, is now 2,700.

In Alberta in the past 24 hours, 46 new cases have been reported and one person died, bringing the number of people dead here, because of Coronavirus, to 158.

In Nova Scotia, a lone case has been reported, bringing the number of cases to 1,066 and the death toll here is at 63.

In Saskatchewan, 2 new Novel Coronavirus cases have been reported, making for a total number of 808 cases. 15 people have died in Saskatchewan, due to the killer virus.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated:

“We were able to control the virus better than many of our allies, particularly including our neighbor.”

Justin Trudeau added:

“The situation is stabilizing in Canada, because Canadians did their part and followed public health instructions but we still have to be very careful, things can change quickly.”

Now, there are 8,737 people dead and there are around 106,450 cases in Canada, due to Coronavirus.

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