Coronavirus Situation Critical In Beijing

Coronavirus situation critical in Beijing!

On Tuesday, a city official of Beijing warned that the situation in Beijing was “extremely severe”, as 27 new COVID-19 infections were reported in the Chinese capital.

WHO (World Health Organization) has expressed concern about this, considering the size and connectivity of Beijing.

This resurgence of Coronavirus infections, is believed to have begun in Xinfadi, a huge wholesale food market in Beijing. This has raised alarm bells in China, as when the Novel Coronavirus outbreak first took place in Wuhan, in China, China adopted draconian lockdowns and did mass testing and managed to bring the New Coronavirus under control.

As a result of the new cases found, the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Beijing, is now 106. Because of this, thousands and thousands of people in Beijing are being tested and nearly 30 communities in Beijing have been locked down. Beijing has expanded its testing capacity to 90,000 a day.

Officials in Beijing said that they had disinfected 33,000 food and beverage businesses and 276 agricultural markets and closed 11 markets.

At a press conference, Xu Hejian, Beijing city spokesman warned:

“The epidemic situation in the capital is extremely severe.”

Officials in Beijing have said that they are going to test stall owners and managers at the government canteens, restaurants and food markets in Beijing.

Wu Hulin, a 23-year-old tech worker in Xicheng district, who was tested, said:

“Beijing’s outbreak will probably be controlled quite quickly. I think (China) is doing a better job compared to overseas.”

Grocery chain store Shuguoyan manager, Zhao Honglei said that all of his 13 staff had tested negative. He sated that customers appeared to be reassured by the testing, but in recent days, the number of online orders had increased tenfold.

Zhao Honglei said:

“People are concerned that it might be crowded at shops or they might get infected.”

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