Coronavirus Rips Nigeria

Coronavirus rips Nigeria.

All over Kano, Nigeria, the people are frightened. They are wondering what has hit them and what will become of them.

Thousands of people of Kano are grieving for the loss of their loved ones.

A few days ago, at the main cemetery of Kano, gravediggers used to dig 2 to 3 graves each day.

But a couple of days back this changed and suddenly they were digging close to 50 graves each day.

Musa Abubakar, a grave digger in Kano says:

“I have never witnessed mass deaths like this.”

In Abbatuwa, Nigeria, gravediggers have run out of space.

To create more room to bury people who had died from Coronavirus, Musa Abubakar and his colleagues, are now burying on to the graves.

Four colleagues of Musa Abubakar, have died and he suspects they died due to Novel Coronavirus.

What is happening in Kano, Nigeria, has increased fears that health authorities all over Africa, are going to struggle to detect and control the killer Coronavirus.

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