Coronavirus Quarantine And Lockdown Rules Being Ignored

Coronavirus Quarantine And Lockdown Rules Being Ignored

All over the globe Coronavirus quarantine and lockdown rules are being ignored by thousands of people.

The result is that each day, all over the world, thousands of people are dying to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Governments all over the world are warning people to keep social distancing and to stay indoors, but even though people know that there are lacs of people dying all over the world and millions of people have been infected by the killer Coronavirus, people just choose to ignore the warnings that are being issued by governments.

People seem to have the attitude that this killer Novel Coronavirus cannot attack them – or it cannot come to their city, town or village – and they are safe – and so they can go about living life as though nothing is going to happen to them. Or as though, there is no such thing as Coronavirus in the world.

All over the planet, people are going on the roads for strolls, going to beaches, meeting other people and friends, going to sit in each others houses, going shopping – and they are even coughing and sneezing toward other people – who have not even bothered to wear masks – thinking that masks are not going to protect them against the deadly COVID-19.

At the time of writing this, there are around 3,850,000 Cases and 265,000 deaths, due to Coronavirus disease, all over the globe.

How many more people will be infected and how many more will die because of the callous attitude of people towards the killer Coronavirus, only time will tell.

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