Coronavirus Mass Graves Being Dug At Manaus, Brazil.

Coronavirus Mass Graves Being Dug At Manaus, Brazil.

Coronavirus mass graves being dug at Manaus, Brazil.

Novel Coronavirus has managed to find its way right into the centre of the Brazilian rainforest.

140 people were buried here on Sunday.

98 people were buried here on Saturday.

A man whose mother died to the killer Coronavirus, looked on helplessly as the coffin bearing his mother was lowered into a muddy trench along with others who died to Novel Coronavirus, exclaimed in despair:

“They were just dumped there like dogs. What are our lives worth now? Nothing.”

He added:

“It’s chaos in there. She spent her whole life working … she paid all of her taxes. She deserved more. We all do.”

It is believed that the killer COVID-19 came to this very isolated location of Manaus, a place with around 2 million people, on March 11, 2020, as a result of a 49-year-old woman, arriving here from London.  

Over 100 people are now dying here each day and it is expected by city officials, that they would bury around 4,500 people, in this month itself.

Funeral homes have been issued warnings, informing then that by the weekend, they could run out of wooden coffins.

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