Coronavirus Making America A Burial Ground!

Coronavirus making America a burial ground!

Cricket King 33, a small business owner in New York, says:

“Life’s become hell in New York, I used to have so much fun here. After work, I would head to the nearest pub to let down my hair and unwind. It used to be a dream place to live in – a place where people from all over the world wanted to come. But now, because of Coronavirus, New York has become one big burial ground. And not just New York, but the Coronavirus pandemic has turned all of America into one big burial ground.”

There are approximately 33,000 people dead and 426,200 cases in New York, because of COVID-19.

A couple of weeks back, there were 40,000 New Coronavirus cases per day in America. Last week it shot up to 50,000 cases per day. This week it is 60,000 per day. And the prediction is that soon, America will be seeing more than 100,000 Coronavirus cases per day.

Similar sentiments as that of Cricket King,are being expressed by other people in America, because of all the people dying and being infected here, as a result of the New Coronavirus.

Lando Hernandez, 21, a cook in a small takeaway restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles sobs:

“I came here to try to realize my dreams of becoming a Hollywood star. But, because of this Coronavirus pandemic, I see all my dreams crashing all around me. People are dying here and all over America. I see no hope left at all – America is now turning out to be just one big burial ground.”

Almost 7,000 people are dead and there are nearly 312,200 cases in California, because of Coronavirus.

America is the country that has been hit the most by the deadly Coronavirus disease. With each passing minute, the death toll in America is rising – and it appears that nothing can be done about it.

There are almost 3.3 million cases and around 137,000 people are dead in the United States of America, because of the killer Coronavirus.

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