Coronavirus Is Now Airborne?

Coronavirus is now airborne?

The World Health Organization has finally accepted evidence which suggests that the deadly COVID-19 could be airborne. WHO has finally declared that it cannot be ruled out that the killer Coronavirus, could also spread through air.

The response from WHO, has come after some scientists wrote to the health agency of the United Nations, informing them of there being evidence that the New Coronavirus, can exist in smaller particles which are in the air and then it can infect humans.

WHO’s Technical Lead for infection prevention and control, Benedetta Allegranzi stated:

“The possibility of airborne transmission in public settings – especially in very specific conditions, crowded, closed, poorly ventilated settings that have been described, cannot be ruled out. The evidence needs to be gathered and interpreted, and we continue to support this.”

This admission by the WHO, came only after 239 scientists, from 32 countries, told the WHO that they, meaning WHO, had underestimated the possibility of the virus being spread via air.

Dr Maria Van Kerkove, Technical Lead on the COVID-19 pandemic at WHO, said:

“We have been talking about the possibility of airborne transmission and aerosol transmission as one of the modes of transmission of COVID-19.”

She added:

”We’ve been working on this for several weeks now and we’ve engaged with a large number of (scientific) groups.”

Coronavirus, if it is now an airborne disease, means that it can spread when a person who is infected by Coronavirus disease, talks, coughs, and sneezes. The virus can also spread when the person who is infected by it, spews up into the air – throat or nasal secretions.

Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme said:

“In April and May, we were dealing with 100,000 cases a day. Today we’re dealing with 200,000 a day.”

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