Coronavirus Infections In Canada Cross 55,000

Coronavirus Infections In Canada Cross 55,000

The number of Coronavirus infections in Canada has crossed 55,000 and the number of people dead has passed 3,500 – this was the state in Canada, with regards to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, at the time of writing this.

The majority of deaths and cases in Canada, due to COVID-19, are in Quebec and Ontario, both of these places made up for over 80% of the Coronavirus case count of Canada.

In the past 24 hours, in Quebec, more than 1,000 new Novel Coronavirus cases have been reported, since Friday and 114 more people have died.

Due to Coronavirus, the economy of Canada is now in recession.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minster of Canada said:

“There will be time after this is all done as we figure out how exactly this unfolds, where we will have to make next decisions on how that recovery looks.”

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