Coronavirus Here To Stay Forever?

Coronavirus Here To Stay Forever?

Shocking news now circulating the globe is that is Coronavirus here to stay forever?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Novel Coronavirus could now become an endemic and may never ever go away, just like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

WHO announced that people all over the globe may have to learn to live with the killer Coronavirus, as it may never go away.

WHO said that just as HIV has never gone away, so could be the case with the New Coronavirus.

According to Michael Ryan, Director, WHO health emergencies program:

“HIV has never gone away. But we have found ways for those who have HIV to live long and healthy lives for a longer period of time. We have to be realistic, we don’t know when the disease will disappear. If we can find a highly effective vaccine which we can distribute to everyone in the world who need it, we could have a shot at eliminating it [Coronavirus].”

Michael Ryan further stated:

“We have a new virus entering the human population for the first time and therefore it is very hard to predict when we will prevail over it.”

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