Coronavirus, George Floyd, American Mayors And Total Chaos

Coronavirus, George Floyd, American mayors and total chaos!

The United States of America has literally been crippled now, what with the Coronavirus pandemic taking its toll and then the rioting all across America, as a result of the killing of George Floyd, by a policeman.

Here is what the Mayors of America have to say about it all:

Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis said:

“It became clear that there were imminent threats to both officers and public. And the danger became necessary. And I made the decision to evacuate the Third Precinct. The symbolism of a building cannot outweigh the importance of life, of our officers, or the public. We could not risk serious injury to anyone, and we will continue to patrol the Third Precinct, entirely.”

Bill de Blasio of New York City said:

“We are seeing something new, and not just here in New York City but all over the country, and we have to recognize it and we have to address it. I’m going to keep saying to anyone who is protesting for change, do not take your anger out at the individual officer in front of you, that man or woman who is simply trying to keep the peace. Work for change in our society, hold the elected officials accountable, vote — do all the things that can actually lead to change. But don’t take your frustration out on a working man or woman in front of you who did not make the policies that you disagree with.”

Mayor Bill Peduto of Pittsburgh said:

“We mourn together the tragedy that occurred in Minneapolis, and today we came together as Pittsburghers and supported a First Amendment right to gather and say more must be done. And then it was hijacked. It was hijacked by a group that put its own self interests above the interests of the movement, who took away from those organizers and those who wanted to have a voice about social justice and the demands that are needed in order to see real change happen. It not only jeopardized that movement and that mission, but at the same time put the lives of the individuals in jeopardy.”

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta said:

“I am a mother to four black children in America, one of whom is 18 years old. And when I saw the murder of George Floyd, I hurt like a mother would hurt. And yesterday, when I heard there were rumors about violent protests in Atlanta, I did what a mother would do. I called my son and I said, “Where are you?” I said, “I cannot protect you, and black boys shouldn’t be out today.”

Mayor Melvin Carter of St. Paul said:

Our request for our young folks is to take this energy which has consumed our nation this past week. It’s a fire that could destroy us, but could bring us together in a way that we’ve never been together. Use it not to destroy our neighborhoods, but to tear down those laws, to tear down those legal precedents, to tear down those police union contracts that make it so difficult to hold officers accountable for their actions.

Coronavirus, George Floyd, American mayors and total chaos!

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