Coronavirus Cases Cross 800,000 Worldwide.

Coronavirus Cases Cross 800,000 Worldwide.

Shocking but true, as on March 31, 2020 the number of people suffering from the killer Coronavirus had crossed 800,000. And the number of people dead so far because of COVID-19, is over 39,000.

And the worst part is, there seems to be no cure in sight, for this deadly Coronavirus.

Here is a list of the countries which have been most badly hit by the Novel Coronavirus:

                             Cases           Deaths

Italy                       101,739         11,591

Spain                      94,417           8,189 

China                      81,518           3,305 

France                    44,550           3,024 

United States           164,435         3,175 

Iran                       44,605          2,898 

United Kingdom        22,141          1,408 

Netherlands             12,595           1,039

Belgium                   12,775           705

Germany                 67,051           682    

All over the world, people are dead!

And more die with each passing minute!

Families are grieving for the loss of their loved ones.

Some of the people who died, are the ones who were earning to keep their families going.

What will happen to these families?

What is going to happen to the lacs of people all over the world who are infected with the killer Coronavirus?

How many of these will survive?

How many will die?

How many more will be infected in the coming days?

And how many more will die because of the Novel Coronavirus?

Governments all over the world, doctors, nurses and all kinds of medical staff – and law enforcement agencies, are working tirelessly, day and night, to fight this deadly Coronavirus threat that the world is facing right now.

A threat that threatens to put the world into extinction?

Or at least come near to doing so?

What will happen in the future?

Is there any future?

When will we find a cure to this killer Coronavirus?

Will we ever find a cure?

How many more human lives will be lost to this killer COVID-19?

The questions are all so grim.

But the answers – they look grimmer – because, there are no answers here.

There are no grey areas.

There is only darkness – and death!

The darkness and death that all of humanity is shrouded in right now!

The darkness and death that is, the killer Coronavirus!

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