Coronavirus Cases Cross 2.5 Million

Coronavirus Cases Cross 2.5 Million

The news continues to get more and more shocking and now the number of Coronavirus cases has crossed 2.5 million worldwide, with more tham 180,000people dead!

Just some time back, Spain reported 435 deaths due to Novel Coronavirus, overnight. The number of deaths in Spain because of the deadly virus has now gone to more than 21,000 and the number of cases is over 208,000.

The country in which the Coronavirus is spreading most rapidly at the moment, is the United States of America, which at the moment has around 830,000 cases and 46,000 deaths. In the past 24 hours, the US reported more than 2,700 deaths.

The continent which is hit the most badly by COVID-19, is Europe.

In the United Kingdom, the death toll due to Coronavirus has crossed 18,000 and the number of infections is now more than 133,000.

The number of people dead in Italy because of Novel Coronavirus is over 25,000 and the number of infected people is over 187,000. Worse still, there is no cure in sight for the killer Coronavirus.

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