Coronavirus And The Chengdu Conspiracy

Coronavirus and the Chengdu Conspiracy!

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the US consulate in Chengdu has been closed since February 2020. So, why then is China making such a big ruckus of telling the United States to shut down the consulate and telling Americans to leave the premises of the US consulate in Chengdu??

Jennifer Zeng Tweets:

“Turns out that the US consulate in Chengdu has been closed since Feb because of th CCPVirus pandemic. The staff hasn’t returned after they evacuated. So why did CCP deploy so many policemen outside the US consulate and block the road? They just wanted to stage a show.”

If the US consulate in Chengdu is bereft of people, why are the Chinese behaving so oddly? Do they believe that there is some kind of secret weapon or secret info that is concealed here and they are desperate to lay their hands on it?

S. Anoop Kumar Tweets:

“It’s the documents that may be lying inside & the computer systems with hard disks that could not be removed or taken away. Now that US FBI has broke open & entered Chinese Consular Office in Houston, China will enter & seize everything inside.”

Or are the Chinese up to some other DIRTY games?

Just_Heather Tweets:

“It’s all a show of power with the #CCP! They knew it would look powerful to act like they were closing out already closed consulate!”

There are rumors that the Chinese have plans to build a subway here. Is there any truth at all in this?

Hainnyi Tweets:

“It is because they are building subway station here(…actually the road has been block for half a year)”

There are around 648,500 people dead all over the globe and another 16.2 million people are infected – and this number is fast rising every day, because of the killer Coronavirus, which has its origins in Wuhan, China.

Year 1997 Tweets:

“Wow, now everyone knows why CCP chose to close the consulate in Chengdu. Totally staged and move without guts.”Coronavirus and the Chengdu Conspiracy!

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