Coronavirus And Making America Great Again!

Coronavirus and making America great again!!

Donald Trump Tweeted a few hours ago:


Mrs. Krassenstein Tweets in response:

“YOU HAD 4 YEARS TO DO THIS.  You made things much worse. I’m old enough to remember when Trump changed his campaign slogan to “Keep America Great.”  Now he’s back to “Make America Great Again.”  That’s because he realized that “Keep America Great” doesn’t work.”

Braunwyn Windhamburke Tweets:

“We’re trying , we need to vote you out first.”

Fiddling Nero Trump Tweets:

“Well you know when President Donnie Hitler sends the SS in to beat mothers and vets, he loses an election, and possibly faces a SEALED INDICTMENT when his fat ass is tossed out. America is a WORLDWIDE laughing stock under President Moron.”

With the way things are in America, the big question here is:

Can America really become great again… EVER?

There are riots all across the United States

Jules Morgan Tweets:

“Tear gassing and shooting rubber bullets at unarmed moms, dads and vets, is that what Make America Great Again looks like??”

Ryan Olson Tweets:

“Well, ya know, when the far left is burning down cities and doing what they accuse trump of doing….ahem “destroying America”, yes it’s probably appropriate to go back to using “make America great again”.”

Around 150,450 Americans are dead and almost 4.5 million Americans and are infected, because of Coronavirus.

In such a scenario, it is hard to even imagine how America can become great again. But, America is America – and if any country can rise up from the ashes of riots and Coronavirus that is crushing them, it is none other than the country of dreams – America!


“President Trump is a builder… the first four years he laid the foundation Making America Great Again, the next four years he will Build America into the shining city on the hill— A beacon of hope— once again! President Trump will Make America better than its ever been!”

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