Chinese Selling Faulty Coronavirus Kits To The World

Chinese Selling Faulty Coronavirus Kits To The World

It would seem that China is not happy enough with all the damage it has caused to the world – now the Chinese are selling faulty Coronavirus kits to the world.

Over 2 million people have been infected all over the world and over 170,000 people are dead all across the globe, because of the Novel Coronavirus, which was unleashed to the world, from Wuhan, China.

There is no cure in sight for this killer Coronavirus and it is very clear now that many more people are going to die and many more are going to be infected!

How many more innocent people are going to die and how many more people are going to be infected all over the world, beacons of these faulty Chinese Coronavirus kits?

Many governments of Europe have rejected the equipment that has been made by China, which has been designed to combat the outbreak of COVID-19.

Authorities in Netherlands, Malaysia, Turkey, Spain, Czechia, Philippines and other countries, state that thousands of the medical masks and testing kits that were manufactured in China for the purpose of defending against the spread of Novel Coronavirus, are either defective or below standard.

It was announced by the Dutch health ministry that they had recalled 600,000 face masks, which they had received from a Chinese manufacturer, on March 21, 2020 – and which had already been distributed to medical teams which were on the front line.

Dutch officials stated that the filters of the mask did not work how they were intended to and the masks also did not fit properly, even though they possessed a certificate of high quality.

The government of Spain also faced similar problems with Coronavirus testing kits that had been manufactured by a Chinese company.

The government of Spain said that it had bought COVID-19 testing kits in the hundreds of thousands, from a Chinese company, but almost 60,000 could not determine accurately, whether or not a person had Coronavirus. The accuracy of the Chinese Coronavirus kits is about 30-40%, it should be 80%.

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