China Silences Talks Of Coronavirus Cover-Up In Wuhan

China Silences Talks Of Coronavirus Cover-Up In Wuhan

China silences talks of Coronavirus cover-up in Wuhan.

When the people in Wuhan, China, demanded to know from the Chinese government, just what went wrong at the start, when the Novel Coronavirus pandemic broke out there and even threatened to sue the Chinese government, the Chinese government started to get tough at once and started shutting them up.

The Chinese government have censored mourning survivors and news articles regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

3 volunteers who were involved in an online project which went by the name of Terminus2049 and which was responsible for archiving censored articles, have gone missing and are now presumed to be detained by the Chinese government.

When grieving family members in Wuhan even talk about their losses, they are monitored and harassed by the Chinese government.

In the first weeks when the Coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, the Chinese government denied that there was any problem and local Chinese officials punished those people in Wuhan, who tried to sound the alarm.

Now, if anyone from Wuhan or anywhere else in China, tries to report all the acts committed by China, in Wuhan and elsewhere in China, because of the Coronavirus pandemic that broke out in Wuhan, these people are being threatened and silenced by the Chinese government.

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