China Giving Unapproved Coronavirus Vaccines To People?

China giving unapproved Coronavirus vaccines to people?

In a shocking report, it has been revealed that China has started giving Novel Coronavirus vaccines to people – and these vaccines have not been approved!

The news going around the globe is that now, China is offering various versions of their Coronavirus vaccines to their armed forces personnel, to employees who work for state owned firms – and –

China is now also holding COVID-19 clinical trials, in various countries all over the globe!

China is telling the people that these Coronavirus vaccines are safe to use. But what they are not telling them is that there are possible side effects that could arise, as a result of taking these vaccines.

I-Mab Biopharma, Chief Executive Officer, Joan Shen says:

“I don’t think this is right ethically.”

In giving these vaccines to people, China is not following the normal regulatory channels, as is being done by other countries.

Dr. Ray Yip, former head of the Gates Foundation in China stated that people who are taking or who want to take these New Coronavirus vaccines that China is giving, should be updated on the safety data of doing so and they should make an informed decision.

Dr. Ray Yip says:

If you offer that to me saying it’s safe and there’s an 85 percent chance that it works, would I take it today? You know what, I probably will. Because then I don’t have to worry.”

John Spikowski Tweets:

“In China people are more like livestock and owned by the elite. In the US people are free to be ignorant which affects all of us.”

Ruby Tweets:

“We are all lab rats to the Chinese”

The bottom line is that China is now giving unapproved Coronavirus vaccines to people and there are a great many risks associated with this.

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