China Cinema Record Leaves Hollywood Behind

China cinema record leaves Hollywood behind!

After the lockdown in China ends, people are flocking to the cinemas again. So much so that for the first time ever, Chinese box office sales are higher than in North America, creating a China cinema record.

The cinemas in China were closed for almost six months, until July. Since September 2020, cinema halls have been allowed to be filled to 75 percent of their capacity again and are now almost back to normal.

In view of the current pandemic situation worldwide, it is already foreseeable that China will have achieved the highest sales at the box office for the first time at the end of the year. Entry to cinemas in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai can cost up to 15 Euros.

A new development is that in the meantime, it is mainly domestic productions that satisfy the Chinese cinema enthusiast. Those also played a decisive role in the reopening of the cinemas in China. Unlike in the US, where many blockbusters, such as the new James Bond, were postponed until 2021, domestic films produced on a large budget could be seen in China, resulting in a China cinema record.

Like the rest of the economy, the cinema industry in China has largely survived the pandemic and enjoyed a strong upturn. This is particularly evident in comparison with the USA, where curfews and other lockdown measures are currently being imposed in many large cities due to the continuing increase in the number of infections.

No wonder that China achieved more box office sales than the USA or the North American market for the first time this year, resulting in China cinema record. The five most successful films in China in 2011 came from the US, but only one has been in the top five in the past two years.

One of the reasons for the poor performance abroad, especially in the US, is that foreign-language films – in Chinese or not – are generally difficult there. There are exceptions, for example the South Korean film “Parasite”, was a surprising international success in 2019. Whether the Oscar winner can trigger a wave of more successful Asian films abroad is still pending.

Even before the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, market observers had predicted that China’s theatrical sales would soon be the largest in the world. According to data, sales in the industry amounted to the equivalent of over 9 billion US dollars in 2019, in 2012 it was less than one billion.

But for now, the China cinema record leaves Hollywood behind!

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