Cannes Film Festival Rescheduled To July Due To Covid 19

Cannes Film Festival rescheduled to July due to Covid 19.

The possible dates that are being considered for the Cannes Film Festival to be rescheduled, are from July 5 to 25, to the detriment of the original of May 11 to 22. The announcement will be made at the end of the month.

Cannes refuses to become a platform event. Last year, before the suspension, the organization indicated that the festival had funds to spend a year outside the arena.

In 2020, Cannes decided to suspend its prestigious festival due to the advance of the pandemic in the world, while other festivals, such as Venice and San Sebastián, could be carried out with reduced capacity, because its realization found them with the curve of infections in full decline.

Now, the organization of the Cannes Film Festival is considering the possibility of postponing its performance to July, instead of May, due to the second wave of the New Coronavirus pandemic that is shaking Europe.

Another option that the organization is studying, is having the Cannes Film Festival at the end of August, but the proximity to the Venice Festival goes against that intention.

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