Can You Risk Your Kid In School, Amidst Coronavirus?

Can you risk your kids in school, amidst Coronavirus?

Many countries are opening schools, this in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic spreading all over and more and more people dying.

Would you send your child to school when this killer Coronavirus is taking so many lives?

Ella Said:

“Ive seen with my own eyes what covid does and I WILL NOT be sending my kids to school until we have had at least 2 months of zero cases.  If that means full time home schooling then so be it…..i will not bury my children…”

Bill Replied:

“You cannot keep your kids in a bubble the rest of their lives..there are always going to be nasty flu and improved deadly viruses unleashed upon and let live..or you’ll die”

Hatty answered:

“Every year flu/influenza kills thousands.  Do you plan to do this homeschooling forever?”

Timmy chimed:

“I appreciate your points. However it seems really arguing that school is dangerous even outside of covid. It’s been shown in Europe and Asia that school openings have NO effect on spread and teachers have no increased risk of infection.”

Bolton said:

“…Many, many pediatricians worldwide have stated that the virus does not seem to be affecting kids. Look at europe, they have been back to school and no problems. Are you a fortune teller or just scared by the MSM daily onslaught of propaganda and fear.”

Tina stated:

“This is great. Bottom line is we need to do more to support kids in remote learning, not continue to operate as if opening school is the only way to support them. I think of kids with behavioral 1:1 at school, how can we support them – 1:1 remotely, home visits?”

There are around 664,500 people dead and around 17 million people are infected all over the globe – and people want to send kids to school in the midst of this killer Coronavirus?? Shocking!

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