Brazil’s President Tests Positive For Coronavirus 3rd Time!

Brazil’s President tests positive for Coronavirus 3rd time!

PsyberspaceSuperstar Tweets:

“This is not a surprise to me as I heard the testing isn’t for the COVID19 virus just alive but can register positive with a trace of the virus is still present in someone who was infected. This can continue for months”

Jair Bolsonaro, the 65 year old President of Brazil, took off his mask outside his home, where he is in quarantine due to his being infected by Novel Coronavirus, since July 7, 2020 and held up a bottle of hydroxychloroquine pills.

ian bremmer Tweeted on Jul 7, 2020:

“If there is any world leader whose personal behavior and opposition to expertise made him most likely to contract coronavirus, it’s Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro. He said it was “just a little flu.” He tested positive today.”

His fans cheered for him, they had gathered just to greet him, in spite of the fact that he is suffering from Coronavirus.

Jair Bolsonaro told his fans gathered there:

“I recommend that you talk to your doctor. In my case, a military doctor recommended Hydroxychloroquine, and it worked.”

Jackie Tweets:

“HCQ doesn’t work low-dose and solo, I saw him drinking it alone, —just one pill at a time, it has to be taken with the proper combination!”

Jair Bolsonaro added:

‘We know that there is no scientific evidence, but it worked with me. The future will say whether that remedy is effective or not. It was for me. I believe in it. If it was, a lot of people were wrong. People with responsibility.’

Xinhua news agency reported:

“President Jair Bolsonaro continues to be in good condition, accompanied by the presidency’s medical team. The test taken by the president yesterday, (July) 21, resulted positive.”

After America, the country to be the worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, is Brazil. There are now about 2,232,000 cases and around 83,000 people dead in Brazil, due to the killer Coronavirus.

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