Brazil Hides Coronavirus Cases And Deaths

Brazil hides Coronavirus cases and deaths, this is the latest news circulating around the globe, with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic in Brazil.

The government of Brazil has discontinued with the publication of a running total of the number of Coronavirus cases and deaths that are taking place in Brazil. This is being seen as a shocking move and critics are claiming that this is a move being made by Brazil, so as to hide the true toll of Coronavirus in Brazil.

The worldwide stats of Novel Coronavirus shows almost 400,000 deaths and 6.9 million confirmed cases, with Brazil’s last reported tally showing around 676,500 cases and about 36,000 deaths, at the time of writing this.

On Friday, Brazil’s Federal Health Ministry, pulled down a website that showed daily, weekly and monthly figures on the number of Coronavirus deaths in the various states in Brazil. Then come Saturday, the site was back up, but the total number of New Coronavirus infections for all of Brazil and the different states in Brazil, was missing. The site now showed just the Coronavirus numbers of the past 24 hours.

Regarding this, President Jair Bolsonaro Tweeted:

 “The cumulative data … does not reflect the moment the country is in. Other actions are underway to improve the reporting of cases and confirmation of diagnoses.”

Brazil is now surging ahead with the number of Novel Coronavirus cases shooting up in the country.

Bruno Covas, the Mayor of São Paulo, the biggest city of Brazil, says that the health system of the city is on the verge of collapse.

Bruno Covas said:

“It is hard to believe that some prefer the population to be subjected to Russian roulette. Indifference in the face of death is unseemly.”

Bruno Covas said the city’s public hospitals had reached 90% capacity and could run out of space in two weeks.

Latin America now has around 16% of all the Coronavirus cases in the world and Brazil is a Latin American country.

Brazil reported, late Saturday, 904 deaths and 27,075 new confirmed Coronavirus infections, since its last update on Friday.

Fatalities in Brazil are fast on the rise and soon, this Latin American country could very well overtake the United Kingdom and have the second highest Coronavirus deaths in the world.

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