Brad Pitt Sued For Seducing Woman With Marriage Vows

Brad Pitt sued for seducing woman with marriage vows!

A Texas woman is suing Brad Pitt and claiming 100,000 dollars, claiming that the actor lured her with marriage plans and then tricked her with a large sum of money.

Kelli Christina, CEO of a health care company in Plano, Texas, claims in court documents, that she paid 40,000 dollars for the actor to appear at five charitable events she organized for the benefit of the Make It Right Foundation, an organization which builds houses for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

BUT, Brad Pitt sued for seducing her with marriage vows, as she claims that the relationship between her and Brad Pitt had become so close that they had “numerous discussions about marriage”, according to court documents.

The same documents reveal that the actor’s team of lawyers claims that Kelli Christina was tricked by a cybercriminal who claimed to be the famous actor. Brad Pitt’s lawyers filed a motion in the Texas court, saying that the actor never talked to Kelli Christina and asked for the trial to be annulled.

The Complaint Filed In Court By Kelli Christina States:         

“In 2018, the applicant Kelli Christina was approached by Brad Pitt in order to raise funds for his charitable foundation, Make It Right. Kelli Christina was convinced by the presentation made by Brad Pitt and they had a business agreement with specific terms and conditions. Pitt canceled every appearance at events, but still received the 40,000 fee.”

And so, Brad Pitt sued for seducing woman with marriage vows!

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