Boris Johnson Answers Questions About COVID-19

Boris Johnson answers questions about COVID-19!

Some time back, the Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson, said:

I’ll be answering some of your questions about coronavirus.

Here is how people reacted to Boris Johnson answers questions:

Art: If we need to wear masks because the virus can spread in shops….why are you allowing pubs and restaurants to remain open where we are ok not to wear them? Doesn’t the virus also spread across the air in the same way? Inconsistencies like this don’t help.

Karen: Because they need the pubs and restaurants open to restart the economy in our own gardens we wouldn’t spend as much money.

Tim: Why am I being lied to, my nearest test centre is 7 miles away and is always empty. Is it deliberate so people won’t get tested to bring the number of positive tests down?

Kerry: I do not believe for a second that a 2nd lockdown will indeed be justified. We need some perspective, a little bit of truth and maybe reliable testing.

Terry: We are close to a vaccine. Maybe a full Lockdown around November time and a vaccine should be available early next year hopefully

Kip: You know the flu vaccine reduces those excess deaths to those numbers right? And its tweaked each year based on strains. Without the flu vaccine the number of deaths would be significantly higher.

Anthony: Yes let’s move on from this. 50k excess deaths winter 2018 and we closed nothing. We need to move on from this, vaccines are not the answer, the strain will just change the same as the flu does. Herd immunity let’s get back to normal.

Hannah: Is there any control on the furlongs payments? According the news many ppl/company use out this opportunity or get paid twice(?) Is the nhs ready for a second wave? Ppe and otherwise? What’s going on with the critical treatment? Many ppl waiting for urgent surgeries and treatments!

Marios: I think you will find the number of tests have shot through the roof. The tests are flawed and inaccurate so they can report MORE positive cases to keep the fear going. If you’re well enough to drive to a test site, don’t get tested. You’re well!! So much for Boris Johnson answers questions about COVID-19!

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