Blasphemy Queen Désirée Nick Messes With Her Fans

Blasphemy Queen Désirée Nick messes with her fans!

Anyone can be nice and nice – Blasphemy Queen Désirée Nick prefers to maintain her reputation as a blasphemy sister of the nation, with a pointed tongue. With this, the “celebrities under the palm trees” blonde scared off her most loyal fans.

Imitation is known to be the best compliment for an artist – the unwritten law in the entertainment industry is shown, among other things, in the fact that well-known songs are sampled in new works or recorded as cover versions. The latest trend to slip into the skin of your idol for a moment was given to fans with the TikTok app. So-called lipsync clips are among the most popular posts on the platform.

Paying homage to your prominent role model is child’s play: Simply record a selfie video and move your lips in sync with an audio recording of a celebrity and the TikTok hit is ready. One of those who made it into the Olympus of lipsynch role models at TikTok is the Blasphemy Queen. The stage blonde, who last let her pointed blasphemous tongue run free on German private television on “Celebrities under Palms”, has so far been imitated in more than 17,000 TikTok clips – and the trend is rising.

If you scroll through the lipsynch moments that were uploaded to TikTok, it becomes clear: the Blasphemy Queen is not only popular with her female fans, the sharp-tongued Berliner also has a loyal fan base in the LGBT community. But of all people, Désirée Nick now really offended her gay admirers with a very clumsy action.

Everything started so innocently: Désirée Nick was apparently amused by the Lipsynch pearls on TikTok and was preparing to share a particularly successful scene. A TikTok user named Leonardo imitated Nick with a champagne glass in hand and has received around 16,000 likes for it to date. However, Désirée Nick’s compliment for the successful homage was anything but flattering.

The Blasphemy Queen said:

“I looove the fagots when they imitate me with lipsync on tictok I’m your biggest fan.” The virtual applause for their homosexual fans backfired. In the Instagram comments, the indignant reactions to the use of the word “fagot” quickly increased.

No doubt at all, the Blasphemy Queen is messing with her fans!

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