Black Market In Fake Coronavirus Test Results

Black Market In Fake Coronavirus Test Results

And now there is even a black market in fake Coronavirus test results – or there could be, very soon.

Scientific advisors at Downing Street, UK, have warned that people could deliberately seek to get infected by Novel Coronavirus and because of this, there could be the emergence of a black market of fake Coronavirus test results.

This would happen if companies would allow workers to get back to work, only if they had a positive antibody test.

It is expected that within the next month, in the UK, antibody tests would become available. 

Scientific advisors further warned that companies could even start to discriminate against employees, based on their antibody tests.

These scientific advisors went on to state that if it was required for people to have a positive antibody test, for them to be able to get back to work, then people might deliberately get themselves infected with the killer Coronavirus and they might even “game” the system and purchase fake test results.

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