Bill Passed For People To Sue China For Coronavirus Damages

Bill passed for Americans to sue China for Coronavirus damages!

United States Senator Graham announced that the US Senate committee had passed a bill which allowed the people of America to take legal action against China, for damages related to Coronavirus.

Senator Graham stated:

“China was negligent in dealing with the origins of the virus and deceiving the world about the nature of the virus. Americans deserve their day in court.”

What are the reactions of Americans to what Senator Graham said?

Tiffany says:

“Well done. Step one. Great move too…..”

Michael asks:

“I want to sue for pain and suffering any international tort lawyers on here?”

Ady says:

“Yeehaa!!!! I need a lawyer! 2x infected by ordering products from China. Been fighting covid19 for 7+ months now. What, nothing about their hackers?”

The Senate Judiciary Committee of the United States of America, approved a legislation which would let the people of America file lawsuits against China in federal court, regarding damages incurred by them from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

Tonja says:

“I have a business severely affected by this nonsense…. how do I get involved in a class action lawsuit?”

RP says:

“Now, can we sue Fauci for his disastrous recommendations for this plandemic??? … He gains nothing by recommending hydroxychloriquein, but you better believe his dirty hands will be in on whatever vaccine they dream up.”

There are around 4,734,000 cases and 157,220 deaths in America, because of Coronavirus!

Senator Graham said:

“It is clear to me that the Chinese Communist Party deceived the world and manipulated information about Coronavirus. China restricted travel within China to slow the spread, but allowed people from China to travel throughout the world increasing the spread.”

Warty says:

“THIS  is a BIG big deal..”

Bill says sarcastically:

“I’m sure China will pay up immediately!”

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