Bayreuth Festival Gets New Managing Director

Bayreuth Festival gets new managing director.

The Bayreuth Festival is getting a new managing director. The administrative director of the Leipzig Opera, Ulrich Jagels, is to move to the Green Hill, the festival announced on Thursday.

According to the festival, Jagels was responsible for several construction projects with an estimated total volume of 30 million Euros, in Leipzig. This experience may be of great use to him in Bayreuth, as there is a million dollar renovation of the festival hall.

And as administrative director, he also had to deal with the Bayreuth Festival boss Katharina Wagner. Last year she was supposed to direct the famous swan opera of her great-grandfather Richard Wagner, the “Lohengrin”, at the Leipzig Opera. The project initially fell victim to the Corona pandemic.

After the appointment of the new managing director, there is only one important person left on the Green Hill – The question of how things will go on with conductor Christian Thielemann is still unanswered. Thielemann’s contract as music director ended in 2020. The festival announced that they wanted to continue to bind him, but left the form of this bond open. According to the festival director Wagner, the contract negotiations were still ongoing.

The Bayreuth Festival emphasized that they were looking forward to the cooperation – “and hope to have Ulrich Jagels not only an excellent business economist, but also an empathetic manager in their ranks who can help the company to achieve the good and stable working atmosphere it needs”.

The area of responsibility of the second managing director includes ticket sales and the renovation of the Festspielhaus, while artistic director Wagner is more responsible for the artistic part. Contracts with singers and musicians of the Bayreuth Festival always have to be signed by both managing directors.

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