Bastille Day Celebrated Amidst Coronavirus

Bastille Day celebrated amidst Coronavirus.

How did France celebrate Bastille Day 2020 in the midst of a Coronavirus pandemic that is creating chaos and leaving a trail of deaths and infected people all around the world?

This Tweet from Hashim says it all:

“France held a scaled-down annual Bastille Day celebration on Tuesday, with none of the usual tanks and troops parading down Paris’s Champs Elysees avenue, in a concession to the COVID-19 epidemic still stalking Europe.”

In the wake of Coronavirus, it appears that Bastille Day 2020 was pretty muted.

French President Emanuel Macron Tweeted:

“This July 14, we will pay tribute to those who have put all their strength, all their skills, all their humanity against the virus.”

Sylvie C Tweets:

“BastilleDay July14 Covid_19 France Paris A very different Bastille day this year in France Flag of France as many events and fireworks have been canceled all over the country because of COVID-19. Stay safe. Bon 14 juillet! Vive la France!”

Those on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic, are being thanked on Bastille Day celebrations of 2020. Healthcare workers and nurses will get around $208 extra each month, in their paychecks.

In case you are wondering what Bastille Day is, this Tweet by The National Archives, just about sums it up…

“BastilleDay celebrates the anniversary of Storming of the Bastille. It was a fortress and political prison and, although it only housed seven inmates, it was seen as a symbol of the monarchy to be torn down. We hold this plan, dated just before the fortress was stormed in 1789.”

Emmanuel Macron, President Of France, Said:

“This ceremony will be the symbol of the commitment of an entire nation. It will also be the symbol of our resilience.”

France has around 30,050 deaths and approximately 172,500 cases, because of Coronavirus.

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