Barbie Alves Pulls Slit Up To Her Crotch

Barbie Alves pulls slit up to her crotch!

The overpriced star pulled the slit up to her crotch: Did something peek out more?!

The most popular living Barbie, Barbie Alves, spun it up in public again. She and her ex, today a very good friend, licked during the meeting and the surgeon even kissed her breasts. But the chosen dress took care of the hype. Something could easily peek out of the big slit.

The Transgerder star, originally from Brazil, made it clear some time ago that the man she was caught with in public kissing, is in fact her good friend, surgeon Giacomo Urtis. At a time when Alves was dreamed of as a perfect form in Ken’s doll, they allegedly tried a relationship, but ultimately preferred friendship.

Urtis now accompanies her through Milan, where Barbie Alves is in the middle of filming her new reality show about finding the right one. None of them cared about the necessary veils, although they should be worn in public in Italy. However, finding a veil that could match the latest model of dress was certainly not fun.

And it was the brave “Barbinov” dress with a slit to the crotch that became the subject of a hot discussion on the Internet. According to some commentators, Jessica was in danger of accidentally “peeking out” of intimate parts. However, the same threat prevailed a few numbers higher. The artificial breasts overflowed behind the tight neckline.

But for now, Barbie Alves pulls slit up to her crotch!

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