Barbaric Kim Jong-un Dictator Orders Pet Dog Slaughter

Barbaric Kim Jong-un dictator orders pet dog slaughter!

Kim Jong-un dictator of North Korea has ordered residents to give their dogs – pets – so they can be killed for food.

Once the dog pets have been collected, they are sold at a restaurant, where dogs are regularly eaten. Pyongyang, has many special dog feeding places.

Kim Jong-un or Kim Jong Un age, he was born on January 8, 1982, 1983 or in 1984. Kim Yo Jong, is a North Korean politician serving as North Korea’s Supreme Leader since 2011 and leader of the Korean Workers’ Party since 2012.

In 2014, a UNHRC report recommended that Kim Jong-un dictator be prosecuted on various charges.

There have been major efforts from many countries around the world to prevent the sale of dog meat and the survival of animals around the world. In South Korea, dogs are still eaten as a staple of centuries-old culture, although young people and foreigners are trying to curb the practice.

One estimate has 2.5 million dogs being abused on dog farms every year in South Korea but it was recently reported that the number of dogs killed for food is actually close to one million.

Pet owners in North Korea, ruled by Kim Jong-un, are forced to sacrifice their dogs because they reflect the “decay” of Western culture. So pet owners end up forced to sell their dogs which are being eaten as food.

Kim Jong-un dictator has ordered the purification or execution of several North Korean officials and it is strongly believed that he had ordered the murder of his half-brother, Kim Jong-nam.

A recent report revealed that 60 percent of North Korea’s 25.5 million people are experiencing a ‘severe food shortage’ that has been exacerbated by international sanctions imposed on the state through its nutritional programs.

The kidnapping of dogs in North Korea is ordered to begin in the capital Pyongyang, by Kim Jong-un dictator. Domestic dogs are forcibly taken from their owners in the capital and their owners have expressed concern that they will be eaten as food.

There is a shortage of nutritious food in the country, which leads to speculation that pet dogs are sold in the sale of dog meat, eaten in restaurants. The dog owners “cursed Kim Jong Un on his back,” but other than that, their hands are tied.

North Korea is facing a severe food shortage, which is a result of the decision to close the border with China because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Beijing is traditionally a main supporter of Pyongyang and the source of much of the food needed to feed the people of Kim Jong-un dictator.  

The move by North Korea may be designed to end public outrage over the country’s economy. It was revealed that Kim Jong-un dictator made the order in July.

The ban on pets will also shock many residents of central Pyongyang, who have started keeping dogs after the state tried to paint a picture of themselves in the run-up to the 1989 World Youth Festival with students.

Kim Jong-un dictator initiated an emergency last month and set up a gate in Kaesong, near the Korean border, after a man who had returned to the country in 2017 returned to the city showing signs of COVID 19.

A recent report stated that about 60 percent of North Korea’s population suffers from “malnutrition.” In recent weeks, torrential rains and floods have caused concern over crop damage and food shortages.

Dogs are still a mystery on the Northern menu, however, with many dog ​​food restaurants seen in Pyongyang.

Dog meat is very popular in the hot and humid summer months, as it is believed to provide energy and strength. Often served with boiling soup or vegetable stew, it is also known to raise the body’s temperature during the cold winter months.

With pork and beef almost unheard of for most ordinary people, Pyongyang’s dog enclosure is likely to alleviate hunger in the coming months.

Kim Jong-un dictator loves Johnnie Walker whiskey, smokes Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes and has a luxury Mercedes-Benz 600.

Pet owners curse Kim Jong-un dictator behind his back – but little can be done about him!

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