Coronavirus On The Rise In Almost Half The States Of America

Coronavirus on the rise in almost half the states of America. All across the United States of America, lockdowns are being rolled back by the states. But this in no way implies that the Coronavirus pandemic has finished with America. Coronavirus cases are on the rise in almost half of the American states. This is […]


Almost 900,000 Coronavirus Cases In Brazil

Almost 900,000 Coronavirus cases in Brazil! In Brazil nearly 900,000 people are infected and almost 45,000 are dead, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Brazil is now second to the United States of America with regards to Novel Coronavirus, America has almost 2.2 million cases and over 118,000 deaths. According to the Health Ministry, over the […]

Ukraine President’s Wife Hospitalized Due To Coronavirus

Ukraine President’s wife hospitalized due to Coronavirus! Olena Zelenska, the wife of the President of Ukraine, was hospitalized after she contracted Novel Coronavirus. On Tuesday, the office of the President announced that her condition was now stable. Olena Zelenska wrote on Facebook… “Today I received a positive test for Coronavirus. Unexpected news. Especially considering that […]

Coronavirus, George Floyd, American Mayors And Total Chaos

Coronavirus, George Floyd, American mayors and total chaos! The United States of America has literally been crippled now, what with the Coronavirus pandemic taking its toll and then the rioting all across America, as a result of the killing of George Floyd, by a policeman. Here is what the Mayors of America have to say […]

Fresh Coronavirus Cases Reported In Beijing!

Fresh Coronavirus cases reported in Beijing! It has been reported that parts of Beijing are now under lockdown as new cases of the Novel Coronavirus have been found there. A fresh Coronavirus cluster has been reported to have been found in Beijing. So far, 7 of these Coronavirus cases are linked to the Xinfadi meat […]

Almost 7.75 Million Coronavirus Cases Globally

Almost 7.75 million Coronavirus cases globally! Novel Coronavirus is taking its toll on the world, rapidly. There are now almost 7,750,000 cases and about 430,000 deaths because of Coronavirus. Brazil now has the second highest number of deaths due to New Coronavirus, after the United States of America. But according to the World Health Organization […]

Coronavirus In Wuhan Since August 2019?

Coronavirus in Wuhan since August 2019? According to a new study, there is news that the Novel Coronavirus could have existed in Wuhan, China, since as early as August 2018. This new study has been made by Boston children’s hospital, Boston University of Public Health and Harvard Medical School and they state that in the […]

Peoples Reactions To Killing Of George Floyd Amidst Coronavirus

Peoples reactions to killing of George Floyd amidst Coronavirus “I would like for those officers to be charged with murder. Because that’s exactly what they did. They murdered my brother. He was crying for help.” – Bridgett Floyd, sister of George Floyd. “Violence only begets violence. More force is only going to lead to more […]

Protestors Care Not As Coronavirus Deaths In America Cross 110,000

Protestors care not as Coronavirus deaths in America cross 110,000 and the number of cases crosses 2 million. The White House is now on a path for the continual of its existing alleviation efforts to combat the Coronavirus, for another 30 days. This course of action has been taken, so that even if things start […]

Afghanistan Warns Of A Lurking Coronavirus Crisis

Afghanistan warns of a lurking Coronavirus crisis! Officials in Afghanistan have warned that there is a Coronavirus pandemic that is about to break loose in the country. In the past 24 hours, Afghanistan has reported 761 new positive Coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of New Coronavirus infections in Afghanistan to almost 20,000. After a […]