National Potato Day 2020 Celebrated Globally!

National Potato Day 2020 celebrated globally!  If you like potatoes, the grand news for you is that world potato day 2020 was celebrated. And here you will find a few facts to transform you from a potato pot into a potato party animal. The English word potato comes from the Spanish patata (a word used […]

2020 Bubonic Plague Hits California South Lake Tahoe

2020 Bubonic plague hits California South Lake Tahoe A resident of South Lake Tahoe was diagnosed with the Bubonic Plague 2020 symptoms, making him the first human in California in five years. Health authorities believe that the man contracted the 2020 Bubonic plague after being bitten by a parasite while carrying his dog. Fortunately the […]

Did Melania Trump Refuse To Hold Donald Trump’s Hand?

Did Melania Trump refuse to hold Donald Trump’s hand? When getting down from Air Force One, did Melania Trump refuse to hold Donald trump’s hand? Here’s what people are saying about Melania Trump of White House not holding the hand of the US President… Ebo: “I agree. As much as I’ve watched her actually pulling […]

Are Dead People Voting In America?

Are dead people voting in America? According to reports, ballots from dead people and out-of-towners were included in the Paterson, New Jersey, election. Reports revealed that 3 dead appeared to have ‘tried to vote’ in the recent all-vote-by-mail elections in Paterson. The ballots of these 3 dead people, were listed in the Paterson election report […]

South African Infrastructure Being Destroyed?

South African infrastructure being destroyed? According to reports coming in, the infrastructure of South Africa is being destroyed. Herman Mashaba Former Mayor of Johannesburg, Hammanskraal-born Entrepreneur and Black Like Me Founder, says about South African infrastructure: ”Our country’s infrastructure is being destroyed under the watch of a Democratically elected government. Why is this allowed to […]

Tough Times Ahead For Insurer Aegon?

Tough times ahead for Insurer Aegon? Aegon life insurance company Tweeted a few hours ago: “Watch CEO Lard Friese introduce Aegon’s 1H 2020 results and explain our ambition to transform Aegon into a more focused, high-performing Group.” Lard Friese, the CEO of Insurer Aegon, introduced the company’s 2020 first half results. In this, Aegon CEO […]

KZN Serial Killer At Large

KZN serial killer at large! Police report that there could be a serial killer at large in the area of the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. Ling: “Girlies in KZN’s South Coast area, watch the news or look up articles, there’s a suspected serial killer. Fourth victim found today. Please do whatever you can to stay safe. […]

The Q And Qanon Conspiracy Theory

The Q and QAnon a conspiracy theory! Evan Kilgore of the United States Tweeted: Do you believe in Q and QAnon? Evan immediately got a lot of responses, some of which were: Shyannwen: “I say yes… ..why else would they be so quick to label it as a conspiracy Theory?. ..if its just a conspiracy […]

Why Is China Interfering With America 2020 Elections?

Why is China interfering with America 2020 elections? The reports are coming in from all over, China is now hell bent on interfering with America 2020 elections. Why is this so? Here is what is being reported on the Chinese interfering with the American 2020 elections: Henry: “I’ll add another twist to that. Saudis funded […]

Who Is Responsible For Bible Burnings Portland?

Who is responsible for Bible burnings Portland? There is a lot being said by many about Portland Bible burnings. Just what is being said and just who is responsible for the Holy Bible Burnings Portland? Here are some opinions about Bible burnings Portland: Mr Discostu: “Bidens campaign has chosen a strong anti Bible position. It […]