China Cinema Record Leaves Hollywood Behind

China cinema record leaves Hollywood behind! After the lockdown in China ends, people are flocking to the cinemas again. So much so that for the first time ever, Chinese box office sales are higher than in North America, creating a China cinema record. The cinemas in China were closed for almost six months, until July. […]

Jessica Alba Hollywood Star Has 3 Citizenships?

Jessica Alba Hollywood star has 3 citizenships? According to the origins of her parents, Alba today has American, Canadian and Mexican citizenship. Born in California, Jessica Alba spent the first years of her childhood on various military bases in the Air Force. At the age of twelve, Jessica Alba Hollywood star took acting lessons from […]

Natalie Portman’s Fables Released!

Natalie Portman’s Fables released! Natalie Portman has released a book with gender-inclusive versions of popular children’s fairy tales. The illustrations for the book were made by the artist from California, Jeanne Mattia. Natalie Portman presented a book – Natalie Portman’s Fables  that includes gender-inclusive versions of famous stories for children – “The Turtle and the […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals The Secret To Staying In Shape

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals the secret to staying in shape. When Arnold was younger, friends called him “the garbage chute.” He had an erratic appetite. When he ordered an omelet at lunch and was asked what he wanted in an omelet, he would say “everything”. The famous Hollywood actor and ex-governor of California, 72-year-old “Austrian Oak” […]

James Bond Sir Thomas Sean Connery Dies At 90!

James Bond Sir Thomas Sean Connery dies at 90! Scottish actor James Bond Sir Thomas Sean Connery died in the 91st year of life, on 31st October, 2020. The reason for the death of the great actor is not yet known. Sir Thomas Sean Connery became famous all over the world thanks to his role […]

What Does Elena Yakovleva Do To Stay In Shape?

What does Elena Yakovleva do to stay in shape? Actress Elena – the famous “Intergirl” and “Kamenskaya” – admitted that she herself runs the house both in the apartment and in the country. The star has never had a housekeeper and does not have one even now. Elena Yakovleva is uncomfortable that someone will pick […]

Hilda Bernard Turns 100

Hilda Bernard turns 100. Bernard’s rich acting career places her at both ends of the road, shining in radio plays in the ’40s and composing terribly bad things on soap operas of the’ 90s. Since 1960, she acted in many programs such as Italian Girl Coming to Marry, Malevo, High Comedy, to name some. Hilda […]

Heavy Metal Hasselhoff

Heavy Metal Hasselhoff recorded metal songs with Austrians! David Hasselhoff, the “Baywatch” star worked in 2019, with the Viennese band CueStack. This also resulted in a music video that is due to appear in December. Singer and actor David Hasselhoff tries his hand at a new musical genre. Heavy Metal Hasselhoff recorded a heavy metal […]

Angèle – Dua Lipa Announce Their Collaboration

Angèle – Dua Lipa announce their collaboration! Notice to all fans of Dua Lipa and Angèle: the two singers announced the release of a duo, available from October 30. Also, as good news never comes alone, Angèle – Dua Lipa specifies that the title will be available from October 30, with a possibility for fans […]

Will There Be More Gorillaz?

Will there be more Gorillaz? In March 2001, in an era that today seems very distant, MP3 and the free circulation of music files was just around the corner, but the big multinational record companies still held the baton to direct the preferences of the mass public. It was just at that pivotal time, before […]