India Record 9,887 Coronavirus Cases And 294 Deaths In 24 Hours

India record 9,887 Coronavirus cases and 294 deaths in 24 hours. This is the highest single-day jump seen by India. According to reports, on Friday, India overtook Italy and became the 6th worst affected country in the globe, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The top 6 most badly hit countries because of Novel Coronavirus are […]

And Now The Big Question Is – Who Owns Coronavirus?

And now the big question is – who owns Coronavirus? It is a well known fact now that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. In early January 2020, the viral genetic sequence data (GSD), was shared by China, with the WHO (World Health Organization). This helped labs all across the globe, to begin […]

The Latest Myths About Coronavirus

Here are the latest myths about Coronavirus… Myth: You can always tell if a person is suffering from Coronavirus. FACT: Novel Coronavirus could bein the body of a person for 14 days and only then would they start to exhibit symptoms. Myth: Coronavirus only affects people who are old, young people have no cause for […]

New Coronavirus Cases In Wuhan Create Fear And Panic

New Coronavirus cases in Wuhan create fear and panic. China reported 51 new Novel Coronavirus cases, most of them from Wuhan. China said that all the new infections were from travelers from overseas. China claimed that out of the 51 new Coronavirus cases, 40 were asymptomatic. A majority of these were in Wuhan, the place […]

In Coronavirus Times, Black Man Killed By Police Officer In America

In Coronavirus times, black man killed by police officer in America! A Black American was killed by a police officer in America. The police officer knelt on the neck of the black man and choked him to death. This has led to widespread rioting and protests, in almost all parts of America. Surveillance cameras and […]

The World Seeks Answers From China About Coronavirus

The world seeks answers from China about Coronavirus. At the first meeting of WHO, since the world was hit by the killer Novel Coronavirus, many countries are now asking China about the Coronavirus. Countries want to know more about China’s handling of the deadly COVID-19. China has been accused of concealing vital information about Coronavirus […]

Human Trials Of Coronavirus Vaccine Underway

Human trials of Coronavirus vaccine underway. As per reports from the World Health Organization, there are 8 Novel Coronavirus vaccines that are in the human trial phase and there are 110 more Coronavirus vaccines that are in preclinical stages. In late April 2020, Chadox1, the COVID-19 vaccine of Oxford University, entered human trials. Chadox1 is […]

Wuhan Looking For Asymptomatic Coronavirus Carriers

Wuhan Looking For Asymptomatic Coronavirus Carriers

Wuhan looking for asymptomatic Coronavirus carriers. On May 16, 2020, in Wuhan, China, the place where COVID-19 originated, 222,675 tests were carried out. These tests were done to find asymptomatic Coronavirus carriers. Since Wuhan was released from lockdown on April 8, 2020, the first cluster of Novel Coronavirus infections was found in the place, last […]

Coronavirus Here To Stay Forever?

Coronavirus Here To Stay Forever?

Shocking news now circulating the globe is that is Coronavirus here to stay forever? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Novel Coronavirus could now become an endemic and may never ever go away, just like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). WHO announced that people all over the globe may have to learn to live […]

Ease On Lockdown In Germany Sees Rise In Coronavirus Infection Rate

Ease On Lockdown In Germany Sees Rise In Coronavirus Infection Rate

Ease on lockdown in Germany sees rise in Coronavirus infection rate! Just a few days after Germany eased its lockdown on the New Coronavirus, the number of infections has risen and it is feared that Germany could now be facing its second wave of Coronavirus infections. After discussions with the leaders of the 16 states […]