What Penny Wong Says About Coronavirus

What Penny Wong says about Coronavirus. Here is what Penny Wong has to say about the Coronavirus pandemic that has caused over 13.5 million cases and over half a million deaths all across the globe: “Coronavirus catastrophe fuelling ‘a macho strain of nationalism’” Penny Wong states: “The world must confront the “stark truth” that its […]

Will WHO Head Reveal Truth About Coronavirus?

Will WHO head reveal truth about Coronavirus? A very big mystery appears to be unraveling, with regards to Coronavirus, China and WHO! Gordon G. Chang Tweeted on Jul 10, 2020: “Li-Meng Yan, a HongKong virologist and immunologist and one of the first researchers outside mainland China to study COVID19, says Beijing covered up the disease’s […]

Sjenica Coronavirus Apocalypse Predicted!

Sjenica Coronavirus apocalypse predicted! Dr. Mersada Hadzifejzovic, sent a letter to the health centre in Sjenica to the head of the internal medicine department. In this letter, the doctor requested the health minister of Serbia to immediately send help for the Coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Mersada Hadzifejzovic Tweeted the letter, which stated: “If you do not […]

Coronavirus Spike In Canada!

Coronavirus spike in Canada! Canada is now seeing a spike in the number of Novel Coronavirus cases. All across Canada, 267 new cases of the Coronavirus disease have been reported, in the past 24 hours. Health officials of Canada have stated that by July 17, 2020, the death toll due to the Coronavirus pandemic in […]

Spike In Coronavirus Deaths Expected

Spike in Coronavirus deaths expected! The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the dreadful Coronavirus pandemic is accelerating all over the globe and as a result, there is an expected increase in the number of deaths worldwide, due to the killer Coronavirus. Dr Michael Ryan, Executive Director, World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme stated […]

Coronavirus Set To Ravage America Post July 4th

Coronavirus set to ravage America post July 4th. Post American Independence day celebrations, the Coronavirus pandemic is set to surge on in full stride and cripple America, more than it already has. On the Fourth of July, as a result of the celebrations on beaches, picnics, pool parties, etc., there has been a big spike […]

Huge Spike In Coronavirus Cases In South Africa

Huge spike in Coronavirus cases in South Africa. In the past 24 hours, South Africa reported over 10,000 new Novel Coronavirus cases. In the past few weeks, South Africa has eased its Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns by allowing all kinds of businesses to reopen. This was done so as to prevent an economic disaster from hitting […]

Coronavirus Second Wave Global Panic

Coronavirus second wave global panic! All over the world, there are millions of people who are scared of a second wave of COVID-19. And the big shock is, the first wave of Coronavirus is still not over. Dr. Anthony Fauci, leading infectious disease doctor of America says: “In my mind, it’s inevitable that we’ll have […]

Now China Has Another Kind Of Coronavirus?

Now China has another kind of Coronavirus? China has reported yet another virus being found in the country, which has just as much pandemic potency, as the Novel Coronavirus, which was found in Wuhan, in China, in late December 2019 and which went on to kill lacs of people and infect millions, all over the […]

500,000 In Coronavirus Lockdown In Anxin, China!

500,000 in Coronavirus lockdown in Anxin, China! China has now placed half a million people in a New Coronavirus lockdown, close to Beijing, because of new COVID-19 cases being found there. On Sunday, Chinese Health officials stated that Anxin county, situated in the Hebei province, which is located around 90 miles (150 kilometers) from Beijing, […]