Rodolfo Barili Proposes To Lawyer Girlfriend

Rodolfo Barili proposes to lawyer girlfriend. The host of Telefe Noticias, Rodolfo Barili, took advantage of Christmas Eve to propose to his girlfriend. The lawyer and the journalist have been in a relationship for just over a year. Rodolfo waited for the clock to strike midnight, to offer a wedding band to his girlfriend and […]

Chrissy Teigen Declared She Never Will Be Pregnant Ever Again

Chrissy Teigen declared she never will be pregnant ever again, as she suffered from a miscarriage! Chrissy was praised by some for sharing heart-rending photographs from the hospital, following her miscarriage, which included one showing her and her husband saying goodbye to the baby. Chrissy Teigen, got married in 2013, to John Legend, multi-award-winning singer. […]

George Clooney Is Optimistic About The Future

George Clooney is optimistic about the future, in spite of the US presidential election and the COVID 19 pandemic. The American film star Clooney is politically committed to the United Nations, worked on the crisis region Darfur in Sudan and fights for climate protection. He is married to successful human rights lawyer Amal Clooney and […]

Actor Claude Brasseur Has Passed Away At 84

Actor Claude Brasseur has passed away at 84. Claude was a star in France. Now the actor has died. Claude Brasseur did not become an actor. He desired to be a journalist. But after he met Jean-Paul Belmondo at the Paris Conservatory, he devoted himself entirely to acting. In the following years he became a […]

What Is Charlie Sheen Doing Now?

What is Charlie Sheen doing now? Charlie, who earned about $2 million per episode in the TV drama Two and a Half Men, now lives a quiet life. Charlie Sheen, who has not been on the screen for a long time, came to the fore with his new job. The 55-year-old now sells personalized celebration […]

Iranian Angelina Jolie Reappears After Time In Prison

Iranian Angelina Jolie reappears after time in prison. The Iranian Angelina reappeared after her time in prison and looks like another person. The Iranian Jolie was in jail for 14 months, after being convicted of blasphemy and incitement to violence. Sahar Tabar became known worldwide for her aesthetic appearance, after undergoing several surgeries and for […]

Journey To The West 1986, Riddled With Troubles!

Journey to the West 1986, riddled with troubles! In order to successfully complete the film Journey to the West 1986, the film crew devised many ways to overcome the “poverty” of the ancient props. From here, there are many humorous and secret scenes, which when revealed, is sure to surprise the audience. For instance, in […]

13 Year Old Wonder Woman

13 year old Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman 1984 opens with a young Diana scene in the Amazons kingdom, played by 13-year-old Scottish child actress Lilly Aspell. This is where Diana participates in the Amazons Olympics. As the youngest contestant, Diana shows remarkable ability, toughness, strength not inferior to the adult warrior and leads in most […]

John Le Carré, Master Of Spy Novels, Dies.

John Le Carré, master of spy novels, dies. In the last few years Le Carré had chosen a retired life, between Cornwall and Hampstead. Twice married, he had four children and thirteen grandchildren. In 2011 he bequeathed all his archives to the Bodley Library, founded in the early 17th century in Oxford, where he studied […]

The Secret Life Of Spiderman Andrew Garfield Revealed

The secret life of Spiderman Andrew Garfield revealed. He’s been a fan of Spider since he was a kid and they say he has pictures of him when very young, dressed as the character to prove it! Spiderman Andrew Garfield, the actor who lives Spider-Man, has no social network. What does Andrew Garfield do when […]