Are People Even Bothered About Coronavirus?

Are People Even Bothered About Coronavirus?

The big question of today is, are people even bothered about Coronavirus? More than 2 million people are infected all over the world. Over 150,000 people are dead all over the globe.

But, are people even bothered about this deadly Novel Coronavirus?

It would seem like even death does not convince people of how bad this killer Coronavirus is.

With so many people dead all over the world – and thousands dying everywhere, with each passing minute – one would have thought that at least now, people all over the globe would wake up to the realization, the cold truth that –

YES – Coronavirus is a killer – and they should do all that is required to save their lives!

But NO!

People seem to be least bothered.

They seem to think that they are super men and super women and the killer COVID-19 cannot harm them at all!

World governments are continuously telling people to wear masks, maintain social distancing, not to leave their homes unless it is absolutely required.

But, people are either stupid, illiterate – or they think they are too smart!

They refuse to listen.

They refuse to believe the facts before them –

The hard cold facts that –

Day by day, more and more people are dying because of the deadly Novel Coronavirus.

And so, because of this stupid behavior of some people of this human race – more and more people continue to die, with each passing hour, falling to the deadly COVID-19.

People refuse to wear masks.

People refuse to maintain social distancing.

People refuse to stay at home.

People, after being repeatedly being told that they can lose their lives if they do not listen – still refuse to listen.

And so, more and more people continue to die!

And who is to blame?

Not world leaders, not world governments –

It is these stupid, illiterate, ignorant and over smart people who refuse to listen!

These people who are not putting just their own lives at risk because of this flippant behavior of theirs –

But also the lives of the entire world! And so, more and more people all over the globe, continue to die because of the killer Coronavirus.

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