Are Dead People Voting In America?

Are dead people voting in America?

According to reports, ballots from dead people and out-of-towners were included in the Paterson, New Jersey, election.

Reports revealed that 3 dead appeared to have ‘tried to vote’ in the recent all-vote-by-mail elections in Paterson. The ballots of these 3 dead people, were listed in the Paterson election report which was released on Friday and detailed why 20% of the votes that were submitted, had been rejected.

What are people saying about this?

Michael Ahrens:

“Dead people voted.  One woman said eight close relatives/neighbors insist they never received ballots, despite ballots being mailed in in their names. Are dead people voting in America? We are not fabricating these stories. Countless local news reports detail problems that go largely ignored by national media. We ALL want confidence in our elections, but a rushed transition to mass mail-in voting in states with no experience doing so will only undermine it.”


“Those ballots weren’t counted, seems like the system worked. Also, it’s possible there was no fraud on these. Someone could complete an absentee ballot and then die before election day and the ballot becomes invalid.”


“This kind of reporting cracks me up. It is fear mongering, claiming widespread fraud. But  nothing cited can be defined as widespread (e.g. THREE zombie voters) and ignores the fact that bad ballots were caught. No one say there won’t be any fraud, just that it is very limited.”


“… You guys are trying to prevent pretty much all active duty posted Military , and their families,  from voting. They put their lives on the line for that right, yet you want to deny them. I live in a Red State where the ID requirements for absentee make it 1000x safer than the polls. In our June primary a dead man voted, not by mail, at the polls. I dont agree with all the increased mail requirements, but its def safer.”


“In Maine’s primary we received mail in ballots we had not even asked for and no one at the town offices knew where they came from. They would not have been counted in our ballot machine. AND YES ONE WAS FOR MY DEAD MOTHER.”

Which brings us to the BIG question:

Are dead people voting in America?

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